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Resilience, Health, and Successful Aging in Seniors

Bounce back resourcefully from adversity High resilience predicts better health and successful aging Successful aging arises from several sources, including physical and mental health. A cross-sectional study used data from 1,006 persons over age 50 living in San Diego County, California, as part of the Successful Aging Evaluation Study. Researchers found that perceived stress moderated…

Dementia Incidence in the US

Populations of seniors increase in the US But the incidence of dementia seems to be declining The rising prevalence of older people in America portends a sharp increase in dementia. But recent studies suggest a silver lining: reduced risk of dementia among younger cohorts of older people. Yet, these studies suffer from design defects. The…

Life Skills, Health, and Well-being

Life skills matter for younger people Do they matter for older people, too? Educators and business researchers show that life skills (also called non-cognitive skills) promote educational and occupational success in early adulthood. Do these life skills predict health and well-being in later adulthood? British researchers Andrew Steptoe and Jane Wardle at University College, London,…