For most of us, making better lifestyle choices is the most effective way to boost our long-term health and well-being. Inspired by his new book Choose Better, Live Better: Nine Healthy Choices that Nurture Body, Mind, and Spirit, Alan’s one-hour Choose Better, Live Better presentation explains the nine healthy lifestyle choices, the massive benefits they provide, and easy ways to make healthy choices part of everyday life.

Alan also offers the one-hour presentation, “Reduce Chronic Stress to Live Better and Work Better.” Chronic stress often typifies our fast-paced lives, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. But chronic stress greatly diminishes our health and well-being. Alan explains the nuances of chronic stress and explains simple, evidence-based, practical steps that people in the working world can take to counter chronic stress.

Alan offers another one-hour presentation, “Turn Life’s Traumas into Personal Growth.” Sometimes life’s greatest challenges offer exceptional opportunities for personal development. In 2013, he suffered a life-threatening injury while solo-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The presentation describes how he survived the accident and illustrates key lessons that your group or association members can use to improve their lives.

Alan can tailor each presentation to the particular needs of your group.

If you wish to book Alan for your next conference or event, contact him at 303.819.6726 or at [email protected].