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Let's Talk Healthy Choices

Are you living the life you want?
Full of energy and enthusiasm?
Feeling great every day?

Alan Carpenter can show you the way to lifelong vibrant health and emotional well-being. His nine-point program features simple, evidence-based, practical lifestyle choices that nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Nine healthy lifestyle choices

If you embrace these healthy choices and make them part of your daily life, you’ll stack the deck in favor of lifelong vibrant health and emotional well-being.

More specifically, you can expect to:

  • Increase Quality of Lifespan by living longer and better
  • Possess the physical and mental capability to operate effectively in the world
  • Experience a daily physical and mental recharge
  • Develop a sense of mutual caring and connectedness to others
  • Respond effectively to stresses in life
  • Maintain a sharp, durable, and creative mind
  • Embrace life with optimism, forgiveness, and gratitude
  • Create greater meaning in life
  • Manifest your Higher Self in the world

Alan shares his program through speaking, training, and in his new book, Choose Better, Live Better.  Alan doesn’t just talk about the benefits of making healthy choices. He field-tests the effectiveness of these healthy choices under physically and mentally demanding conditions on long-distance hiking and cycling trips across the US. Alan has turned his book into a self-paced online course, Rejuvenate Your Life!

Let Alan show your group the way to lifelong health and emotional well-being with a keynote presentation or a breakout session at a meeting or conference. Then let Alan present his workshop in which participants learn to develop a healthy choices self-concept that motivates them to want to make healthy lifestyle choices. The benefits can be life changing!