Alan T. Carpenter

Man on a mission to help you achieve lifelong health and well-being...

Like many of you, Alan Carpenter was living a good life. But that almost ended on June 16, 2013 when he suffered a life-threatening accident. In spite of the pain and ensuing incapacitation, the accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While recuperating from his injuries, Alan realized that he had taken his life for granted—especially his health and well-being.

To learn how rejuvenate his health and well-being, he spent more than six years combing the scientific and medical literature. He synthesized what he found into nine simple, evidence-based, practical healthy lifestyle choices. His newly published book, Choose Better, Live Better, presents the scientific case that making healthy lifestyle choices can rejuvenate your life.

Alan urges you to embrace these healthy lifestyle choices and incorporate them into your daily life. When you do, you’ll enjoy greater life energy, you’ll have a wider network of support relationships, and you’ll live with purpose—among many other desirable outcomes. Plus, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of debilitating chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Alan uses his knowledge and life experiences to help people increase their Quality of Lifespan. In other words, helping others live better and longer. To that end, Alan offers keynotes, breakout sessions, and trainings to bring his critically important message to the world.

Alan is also a veteran long-distance hiker and cyclist. Since he turned 65, he’s logged 20,027 miles of long-distance adventures. They include hiking the John Muir Trail (twice), the Colorado Trail (twice), the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and half of the Continental Divide Trail. He also bicycled the cross-country Pacific Coast (twice), Southern Tier, Northern Tier, and Sierra Cascades Routes. Alan attributes his continued ability to complete these physically and mentally demanding trips to the healthy choices he’s incorporated into his daily life.