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The Perils of Visceral and Ectopic Fat

Visceral and ectopic versus subcutaneous body fat Aerobic xercise helps reduce visceral fat With fat, location matters. Visceral fat occurs within the abdominal cavity. Subcutaneous fat occurs just beneath the skin. Researchers used data from 3,001 participants in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring and Third-Generation cohorts to determine links between these two types of fat…

In Search of a Healthy Diet

The basics of a healthy diet are pretty simple Different healthy diets can yield different results We Americans would enjoy better health and well-being if we ate better. Alas, few of our compatriots eat a healthy diet. Why not? One possible reason might be the perceived difficulty of determining the healthfulness of foods, even after…

Most Americans Eat Lots of Salt

Cutting salt intake may prevent high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease How might you do that? In 1998, science writer Gary Taubes published a lengthy in article in Science in which he reviewed the academic controversy over the ability of lower salt (actually sodium) intake to meaningfully lower blood pressure. In the end, he quoted one…

Life Without Type 2 Diabetes

You can prevent type 2 diabetes with healthy lifestyle choices You can reverse type 2 diabetes British medical doctor and researcher Roy Taylor, along with his colleagues, determined how type 2 diabetes develops. Taylor’s recent book, Life Without Diabetes, tells the story. The sequence begins with prolonged overeating—more calories than you burn—over several years. Long-term…

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