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Does Prediabetes Lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

Not very often But let prediabetes alert you to make better lifestyle choices Prediabetes is a condition, based on modestly elevated blood sugar levels, which can precede type 2 diabetes. But prediabetes does not inevitably lead to type 2 diabetes. Researchers used data from 2,575 participants over age 60 without diabetes (36 percent with prediabetes)…

Exercise Snacks

Unlike junk food, these snacks are healthful Tiny bursts of strenuous exercise yield big benefits Martin Gibala and colleagues at McMaster University in Ontario have investigated the effects of brief, high-intensity exercise periods to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. A recent study featured 'exercise snacks' of stair-climbing. Twelve, sedentary, apparently healthy young adults participated in a study…

Dementia Incidence in the US

Populations of seniors increase in the US But the incidence of dementia seems to be declining The rising prevalence of older people in America portends a sharp increase in dementia. But recent studies suggest a silver lining: reduced risk of dementia among younger cohorts of older people. Yet, these studies suffer from design defects. The…

Frailty and Diet

Eat Better to avoid frailty More protein, less added sugar Frailty reflects health deficits, including cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and dementia, that accumulate over time. Might people who Eat Better reduce their risk of frailty? Researchers at University College London conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of four relevant studies. They included longitudinal studies with…

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