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Sleep and Immunization

Restful sleep builds immunity Immunization works better after adequate sleep Conventional wisdom holds that a good night’s sleep reduces the risk of getting the flu. Researchers at the University of Chicago conducted an experiment to test this idea. Researchers recruited 25 healthy men with a mean age of 23 years. Eleven of the subjects had…

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

You can reverse recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes Here’s the background and how to do it In the past, the available evidence clinical seemed to prove that type 2 diabetes would inevitably progress to the point where many patients would require insulin therapy. But the underling studies had a flaw: They involved patients with high…

Garden for Your Health and Well-Being

Better physical and mental health Greater well-being Increasing evidence suggests that gardening confers health benefits. Yet, until 2016, no quantitative meta-analysis of previous studies existed. Japanese and British researchers scoured the published academic gardening literature and found 22 case studies from the US and Europe. The studies included 76 comparisons between treatment (gardening in some…

Resilience Training Can Help You

Learn to be more resilient Build resilience with behavioral and cognitive strategies Resilience refers to the process of responding positively to adversities, traumas, threats, or significant stress. Psychologists increasingly find that higher levels of resilience predict lower levels of anxiety, psychological distress, and depression. But can we learn to be more resilient? Researchers in Australia…

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