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Embrace Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Avoid Depression

Depression is a huge global health problem Depression accounts for a substantial fraction of disability worldwide and creates more medical burden than any other form of mental illness. In addition to the damage depression causes, it predicts increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the most common cause of death. The growing prevalence of chronic diseases, including…

Do Tiny Amounts of Vigorous Physical Activity Matter?

Brief, high-intensity everyday activities One of the commonly overlooked changes in the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans concerns the minimum amount of exercise that improves health. The old minimum of 10 minutes (unsupported by data) went by the wayside but was not replaced with another number. Recent Australian research suggests that the smallest amount…

Veggie Burgers, Beef Burgers, Sustainable Food Production

More plants, less meat? Evidence supports the contention that diets high in processed meat predict greater risk of adverse health outcomes including cardiovascular disease and premature death. Interestingly, high-quality omnivorous diets (including lots of plant foods) do not show the typical associations between red meat consumption and adverse health outcomes. The food industry has developed…

Physical Activity Helps Your Kidneys

Kidney function declines, sometimes rapidly in older people Physical activity can help slow the decline Attention seniors: Chronic kidney disease is a fast-growing concern that affects about 30 percent of people over age 70. The rate of kidney function decline varies widely with age, suggesting that healthy lifestyle choices might lower the risk of kidney…

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