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Improve Your View of Aging to Live Longer

Your view of aging matters You can develop a positive view of getting older Part of developing a positive mental attitude involves adopting a positive attitude toward growing older. American cultural norms do not, however, often support such a positive attitude. To the contrary, most people perceive aging in a negative light. One of my…

Looking for Health In All The Wrong Places

A critique of the food industry, conventional agriculture, and nutrition research What do animal behavior and nutrition have to do with humans? Nourishment summarizes what animal behavior researcher Fred Provenza has learned (thus far) during his life. You might not think that a person who has spent many hours watching goats and sheep decide what…

Eat Vegetables Before Carbs to Lower Post-meal Blood Sugar

Eat your vegetables first at mealtime Keep your blood sugar in a healthy range The amount and type of carbohydrate eaten at a meal affects post-meal blood glucose levels. Keeping blood glucose levels in check after meals helps prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. Would the order in which meal components, as expressed in terms…

Veggie Burgers vs. Beef Burgers

Are veggie burgers nutritionally complete substitutes for beef burgers? Do veggie burgers have a smaller ecological footprint than beef burgers? Evidence suggests that diets high in red meat predict greater risk of adverse health outcomes including cardiovascular disease and mortality. Contrarily, high-quality omnivorous diets (including meat and lots of selected plant foods) do not show…

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