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Help Others and Help Yourself

Caregiving can promote volunteering and increase longevity Grandparenting – up to a point – benefits health and well-being Given that chronic stress can adversely affects our health, what can we do to defuse those undesirable effects? Recent research suggests a way: help other people. The Changing Lives of Older Couples Study followed married couples with…

Volunteering Boosts Seniors’ Cognitive Health

Keep your brain active Engagement more with life An international team of researchers conducted a critical review of 73 studies about senior citizen volunteering. Volunteering consistently predicted reduced depressive symptoms, better self-reported health, fewer functional limitations, and lower mortality. In addition, volunteering promoted greater social, physical, and cognitive activity. These factors led to increased altruism…

Benefits of Environmental Volunteering

Multiple Gains from Making Friends, Doing Good Deeds, and Being in Nature Keep Moving, Live with Purpose, Cultivate Social Connections Keep Moving is one of nine healthy lifestyle choices that nurtures body, mind, and spirit. Numerous studies link volunteering with positive physical and mental health outcomes in mid-life and later. Surprisingly, research has minimally addressed…