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Resilience, Health, and Successful Aging in Seniors

Bounce back resourcefully from adversity High resilience predicts better health and successful aging Successful aging arises from several sources, including physical and mental health. A cross-sectional study used data from 1,006 persons over age 50 living in San Diego County, California, as part of the Successful Aging Evaluation Study. Researchers found that perceived stress moderated…

Lead a Meaningful Life

Meaning in life promotes flourishing A worthwhile life predicts diverse health and well-being benefits The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) offered an opportunity to evaluate links between a meaningful life and a host of health and well-being factors. ELSA included a representative sample of British adults age 50 and older at baseline. British researchers…

Cultivate a Network of Social Support

Exercise is widely cited as the biggest thing you can do to improve your health – but is it? Some respected scientists don’t think so. Award-winning author Sherwin Nuland in his book The Art of Aging quotes Dr. Leo Cooney of the Yale School of Medicine as follows: But exercise is not the Holy Grail.…