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How You Sit Matters

Sitting in your easy chair watching TV may be toxic Sitting at while typing on your computer may be less so Spending lots of time being sedentary (often evaluated as either sitting or watching TV) predicts increased risks of premature death and chronic diseases. Given that physical activity is the opposite of being physically inactive,…

If You Sit a Lot, Read this

The risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality increased even more as the amount of TV viewing increased. The risk of developing type 2 diabetes increased linearly as either total sedentary behavior or amount of TV viewing increased. For all-cause and cardiovascular mortality, risk increased above a threshold of 6-8 hours per day of total sitting and 3-4 hours per day of TV viewing, respectively. Do yourself a favor and trade one hour of TV viewing or other sitting time for one hour of moderate-intensity exercise each day.