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Resilient Aging

Resilience vs. robustness Biological resilience can be defined as the ability of cells, tissues, organs, and the whole person to recover following stress or injury. This contrasts with biological robustness, which refers to the ability of cells, tissues, organs, and the whole person to maintain a normal state in the face of stress or injury.…

Resilience Training Can Help You

Learn to be more resilient Build resilience with behavioral and cognitive strategies Resilience refers to the process of responding positively to adversities, traumas, threats, or significant stress. Psychologists increasingly find that higher levels of resilience predict lower levels of anxiety, psychological distress, and depression. But can we learn to be more resilient? Researchers in Australia…

Resilience, Health, and Successful Aging in Seniors

Bounce back resourcefully from adversity High resilience predicts better health and successful aging Successful aging arises from several sources, including physical and mental health. A cross-sectional study used data from 1,006 persons over age 50 living in San Diego County, California, as part of the Successful Aging Evaluation Study. Researchers found that perceived stress moderated…