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Increase Your Quality of Lifespan

Live longer and better with healthy lifestyle choices If you’re an older person, you might not want to live a lot longer, especially if you’re burdened with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or something worse. But what if you could live better while living longer? And what if living better would mean that you’d spend…

Successful Aging

What is successful aging? What can you do to achieve it? Drs. John Rowe and Robert Kahn defined successful aging as the ability to maintain 1) low risk of disease and disease-related disability, 2) high mental and physical function, and 3) active engagement with life. Martha Crowther and colleagues proposed expanding the term to include…

Social Isolation Limits Quality of Lifespan

Loneliness leads to bad outcomes High social isolation predicts earlier death Loneliness refers to perceived social isolation. Quality of Lifespan reflects the amount of time during our life when we function at a particular level. Evidence continues to accumulate that loneliness limits Quality of Lifespan by reducing both longevity and functionality. Loneliness researchers Louise Hawkley…