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How to Explain Obesity

The energy-balance model doesn’t help much The carbohydrate-insulin model works better For decades, researchers and health organizations have promoted the energy-balance model to account for obesity. It assumes that “a calorie is a calorie” in terms of weight gain and loss. According to the model, differing levels and types of carbohydrates, protein, and fats in…

Forget Dieting to Lose Weight

Dieting for weight loss usually fails over the long-term Weight cycling may harm your health Are you on a diet to lose weight? If so, you’ve got lots of company. In the US, the prevalence of women dieting to lose weight increased from 14 percent in 1950-1966 to 57 percent in 2003-2008. For men, the prevalence…

Psychosocial Stress, Obesity, and Diet

Higher psychosocial stress predicts more body fat and poorer diet Additional stressors may lead to even more body fat Psychosocial stress appears to promote formation of body fat but, as of 2011, longitudinal studies showed inconsistent results. A meta-analysis involved 14 studies with 32 separate analyses of stress and measures of body fat. Twenty-two of…