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Seniors Living Alone

Four of ten American seniors live alone Living alone predicts poorer health outcomes for younger seniors Living alone might be a suitable proxy for loneliness or inadequate social support, both of which diminish health and well-being. Would living alone predict increased risk of dying or developing cardiovascular disease? A large, international team of researchers used…

Social Isolation Limits Quality of Lifespan

Loneliness leads to bad outcomes High social isolation predicts earlier death Loneliness refers to perceived social isolation. Quality of Lifespan reflects the amount of time during our life when we function at a particular level. Evidence continues to accumulate that loneliness limits Quality of Lifespan by reducing both longevity and functionality. Loneliness researchers Louise Hawkley…

Loneliness Can Kill You

Loneliness is a state of mind But loneliness also harms the body Loneliness is a condition in which persons see themselves to be socially isolated as a consequence of perceived inadequate social connections. Loneliness can have serious consequences for health and well-being, including increased risk of dying. Loneliness is a growing public health problem that…