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Purposeful People Live Longer and Better

Purpose in life is a big deal Live with Purpose comprises one of the nine lifestyle choices featured in my recent book, Choose Better, Live Better – Nine Healthy Choices that Nurture Body, Mind, and Spirit. Living with purpose predicts many aspects of better health and well-being. Finding greater meaning in life is just one…

A Healthy Trifecta

Volunteering builds better health three ways Keep Moving, Cultivate Social Connections, Live with Purpose Do you think you don’t have enough time our days to make healthy choices that you know would benefit you? Volunteering can help you make three healthy choices almost simultaneously. The first healthy choice, Keep Moving, includes incidental movements of daily…

Trade an Hour of Daily Sitting for Something Healthier

Compared to subjects who reported no physical activity, those who reported 64 minutes per day had the greatest reduction in risk of premature death (39 percent lower risk). Walking contributed most to physical activity in the study. Would you be willing to trade an hour of sitting in front of the tube each day for an hour of walking?