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Build Cardiorespiratory Fitness in 14 Minutes a Week

Tiny amounts of all-out exercise produce big results Increase VO2 max with minimal time Interval training has experienced a recent surge in academic research. Canadian researchers Jenna Gillen and Martin Gibala distinguish among several types of interval training, which can lead to different cardiovascular outcomes. High-intensity interval training involves short, relatively intense but sub-maximal periods…

Cardio Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Better cardio in less time Overweight and diabetic people can benefit One of my previous posts extolled the benefits of interval training (IT). To refresh your memory, IT refers to periods of movement, such as running or stair climbing or rowing, with each movement period followed by a recovery period, such as walking slowly. IT…

Brief, Intense Training Builds Cardio Benefits

Too frazzled, too out of shape, too old to exercise? Incidental physical activity takes no extra time but builds fitness Do you feel that you’re too busy to Keep Moving? Do you feel that you’re too sedentary or old to Keep Moving? If so, you’ve got lots of company. In spite of overwhelming evidence that…