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In Search of a Healthy Diet

The basics of a healthy diet are pretty simple Different healthy diets can yield different results We Americans would enjoy better health and well-being if we ate better. Alas, few of our compatriots eat a healthy diet. Why not? One possible reason might be the perceived difficulty of determining the healthfulness of foods, even after…

A Dozen Ways to Eat Better

A smorgasbord of possibilities Pick one and make it your own Abundant scientific and medical research confirms that Eat Better is one of the best ways you can improve your health and well-being. But what does Eat Better mean in practice? The following list gives you practical, evidence-based recommendations from which you can pick one.…

Fried Foods

Fried Foods May Not Be Your Friends Say Au Revoir to French Fries Americans like fried foods. Why? Frying often makes food taste better. French fried potatoes are one of America’s common meal items. And how about fried chicken? Or fried eggs? The science underlying the health effects of fried foods is mixed. Recent evidence…