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Improve Your Life with Gratitude

An expanded view of gratitude British researchers proposed a new model of gratitude. It extends the more limiting view of gratitude as a response of receiving help from others to a “habitual focusing on and appreciating the positive aspects of life.” Thus, gratitude is more of a trait and a general world view than simply…

Gratitude Matters at Thanksgiving and Beyond

Be a more grateful person Enjoy greater health and well-being The Roman orator Cicero proclaimed that gratitude was not only the greatest virtue but also the mother of every other virtue. Religious traditions have long exhorted people to grateful. While the state of gratitude is valuable in its own right, it may lead to other…

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful people reap emotional and physical benefits You can learn to be more grateful According to Robert Emmons in his book, Thanks!, gratitude means acknowledging the goodness in your own life and recognizing that the source of goodness lives at least partially outside of yourself. Emmons asserts that feeling grateful will create a ripple effect…