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More Fiber, More Benefits

People typically respond to calls to eat more fiber the way they respond to calls to exercise more: Yawn! But don't be short-sighted. Eating more fiber predicts a host of impressive benefits. The average American eats about 15 grams of fiber per day. That’s about half of the recommended minimum amount of about 30 grams…

Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer

A recent review and meta-analysis investigated the protective effect of total and different types of dietary fiber. Long-term studies showed that each 10-gram increase in total or cereal fiber intake significantly predicted a 10 percent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer, compared to subjects who ate less than 10 grams of total or cereal fiber daily.

Nurture Your Microbiome

Have you thought about your microbiome lately? Oh, you don’t know what it is? You’re not alone. Which is ironic given the importance of your microbiome to lifelong health and well-being. Your microbiome is a stupendously diverse and interactive collection of microbes living primarily in your large intestine. Some authorities estimate that you have more…