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Increase Your Quality of Lifespan

Live longer and better with healthy lifestyle choices If you’re an older person, you might not want to live a lot longer, especially if you’re burdened with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or something worse. But what if you could live better while living longer? And what if living better would mean that you’d spend…

Compression of Morbidity Hypothesis

Will longer life feature chronic disease and disability? Or will it postpone chronic disease and disability? According the Stanford University researcher James Fries, the compression of morbidity (chronic illness and disability) occurs if the chronological age at first appearance of aging manifestations and chronic disease symptoms increases faster that life expectancy. If the above is…

Live Longer, Live Better

Will greater longevity lead to lower quality of life due to chronic diseases, frailty, and disability? James Fries, a researcher at Stanford University, thought that seniors with healthier lifestyles would live longer yet have less cumulative disability than those with less healthy lifestyles. Beginning in 1984, Fries and his colleagues studied 523 men and women…