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Improve Your Metabolic Health

What is metabolic health? Metabolism refers to the chemical reactions that occur in our body. These reactions turn energy in food into energy for moving about and regulate blood sugar among countless other things. Metabolic health refers to maintaining certain factors in ranges that foster proper functioning. Poor metabolic health predicts increased risk of chronic…

Caloric Restriction Improves Cardiometabolic Health

Unintended caloric restriction in Biosphere 2 Caloric restriction reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in several animal species. But what about humans? Data from the eight inhabitants of Biosphere 2 showed that people eating a low-calorie diet improved cardiovascular risk factors. In 1991, eight people (four men, four women) were sealed in Biosphere 2 near…

Cardiometabolic Health and Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance predicts greater risk of chronic diseases But you can take steps to avoid insulin resistance Cardiometabolic health refers to the degree to which your heart functions properly, your circulatory system transports blood efficiently to all parts of your body (especially your heart and brain), and your blood sugar (glucose) stays in a desirable…