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Purpose in Life Affects Brain Function

Purpose in life predicts greater well-being Being more purposeful might help your brain You can think well-being as including two parts: subjective and eudaimonic. Subjective well-being or life satisfaction reflects happiness and pleasure. Eudaimonic well-being reflects realizing your human potential. Psychologist Carol Ryff at the University of Wisconsin proposed six facets of eudaimonic well-being. They…

Benefits of Environmental Volunteering

Multiple Gains from Making Friends, Doing Good Deeds, and Being in Nature Keep Moving, Live with Purpose, Cultivate Social Connections Keep Moving is one of nine healthy lifestyle choices that nurtures body, mind, and spirit. Numerous studies link volunteering with positive physical and mental health outcomes in mid-life and later. Surprisingly, research has minimally addressed…

The Power of Push-ups

Forty push-ups predicts vastly lower risk of cardiovascular disease Why would this be? A brand new study showed that active adult men who could perform 40 or more push-ups without stopping had a 96 percent (!) lower risk of new cardiovascular events over a 10-year follow-up period compared to active adult men who could perform…