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Counterclockwise Aging

Your beliefs affect how you age—for better or worse You can adopt a positive mindset about getting older In 1979, Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer and colleagues created a study whose outcomes were so astounding that she hesitated to publish them fearing that she would be castigated. In 2009, Langer summarized this study in her intriguing…

Compression of Morbidity Hypothesis

Will longer life feature chronic disease and disability? Or will it postpone chronic disease and disability? According the Stanford University researcher James Fries, the compression of morbidity (chronic illness and disability) occurs if the chronological age at first appearance of aging manifestations and chronic disease symptoms increases faster that life expectancy. If the above is…

Improve Your View of Aging to Live Longer

Your view of aging matters You can develop a positive view of getting older Part of developing a positive mental attitude involves adopting a positive attitude toward growing older. American cultural norms do not, however, often support such a positive attitude. To the contrary, most people perceive aging in a negative light. One of my…