Ramp Up Your Optimism

You can learn to be more optimistic Boost your health and well-being Optimism predicts a host of desirable outcomes, including higher positive affect (better mood), higher well-being, greater resilience to negative events, and faster recovery from surgery. But can pessimistic people learn to become optimistic? Can optimistic people become even more optimistic? The answer is…

Your View of Aging

Does your view of aging matter? Does a positive view of aging predict living better? Part of developing a positive mental attitude involves adopting a positive attitude toward growing older. Unfortunately, many Americans perceive aging in a negative light. Could negative perceptions toward aging affect our longevity and health? Remarkably, as of 2002, no one…

Cardio Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Better cardio in less time Overweight and diabetic people can benefit One of my previous posts extolled the benefits of interval training (IT). To refresh your memory, IT refers to periods of movement, such as running or stair climbing or rowing, with each movement period followed by a recovery period, such as walking slowly. IT…